Fire Giant “Saucer Men” album art

saucermen web.This was the first album cover that I did, it was a big accomplishment for me growing up listening to hip-hop music. I really didn’t know what I was doing was a few years after our school and kinda forgot some stuff. I think that’s why I really like this one so much because I just jumped into it as you could tell the size is totally off. To be honest as an artist I think that’s when we produce our best stuff like a diamond under pressure. I will have to give a shout out for trust one because he really hook this up for me. I did some hip-hop posters for trust one and he asked if I did album cover art like most artists I feel like I could do anything. The album saucer men is a great addition to any conscious rap collection. Aliens esoteric knowledge and dope beats turned up what more could you ask for? Ibis giant and six fire seven make up the fire giant. Now I know I had to come correct when they let me hear the title track of the album. They were coming from the perspective of the aliens so what better than a scene of technological aliens making contact with prehistoric man..

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