Trolling(a.k.a Elf eater)


The legend of the was said that they lived under bridges near water and reek havoc on anyone that crosses their path… You must give them what they want or suffer the consequences of them stalking and trying anything to destroy you. Today must not be your day because you are face to face with a mountain of a troll and he is hungry


The legend of the troll p2… Now is not a time to panic “the troll awaits his toll” the monster whispers “your shoes your bag..I like your shirt and pants.. give them to me”!! The thing comes bolting right at you! In a flash it’s on top of you crushing you in his giant hand. What do you do give all your things strip..or .. (p3 coming soon lol)

the other way or cross that bridge?


Legend of the troll p3 fear is only in your head or maybe in the breath of this giant monstrosity trying to gnaw your face off! It seems the time for bargaining is over as this giant grabs your arms and prepares to literally shake the coins out of you! Before you can think you bite down on this giants hand the mountainous troll reels back in pain his group has loosened you fight your way free what’s your next move?…do you run the other way or cross that bridge?


Legend of the Troll 4 You make your way across this decrepit stone bridge and as you reach the end you see a girl trapped in some sort of cage under the bridge.. The troll is on the ground behind you gripping his hand in pain. He no longer looks intimidating just a bully full of hot air. Without a second thought you shimmy down the side of the bridge and go to unlock the cage you realize the the Troll has the keys…



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