Artvlog! Shijima’s claw (throwback thursday) (ninjascroll)

This is a throw back of one of my favorite anime ever! Ninjas scroll! One of the first anime I was introduced to and I was in love with anime ever since! If you have never seen Ninja scroll you have to check it out! I was really intrigued with the bad guys in the movie, they were a group of rogue ninja with pains to take over all of Japan. They were the eight Devils of Kimon (The Eight People of The Demon Gate) What was interesting about them was the “love, hate” dynamic within the group. Some of them even sabotaged and killed each other. One of the villains I wish they gave a little more screen time to was Shiijma, a sleazy ninja that lived in the shadows and had a sick mechanical flying claw. He literally disappears into the shadows and out of nowhere a claw and chain come flying out of the shadows to drag you into the night! Another weird power he has is to put you under hypnosis by inseminating you with his saliva! I am not making that up lol! All the Devils of Kimon had crazy supernatural ninja powers… I might do all eight like one or two a month…we will see (don’t over do it).. let’s get adventurous and slay a dragon!

If you would like to get a set of 40 color dual tip Artify Art Markers like the ones I used in this video. I will share an Affiliate link below. I did not get these markers free, I use them because they are as good as most name brands but for a fraction of the cost, they what “an artist on a budget needs!’

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