Nothing but love (tupac) inking

Feels good to be back on the “sheets” cus I know they got love for me..nothing but love! So I’m pushing myself to try and a page a day for this inktober and I needed some motivation so I slid the g.o.a.t PAC in the deck!

Bring the ruckus! (Power Man)

This will be my first post for inktober and who better to start off with than power man. Luke Cage is one of my favorite heroes and if you have not watched his new TV show on Netflix you definitely need to check it out! Since this is my first time trying inktober I won’t
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Trolling(a.k.a Elf eater)

The legend of the was said that they lived under bridges near water and reek havoc on anyone that crosses their path… You must give them what they want or suffer the consequences of them stalking and trying anything to destroy you. Today must not be your day because you are face to face
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‘Kuji-kiri Beat Tape’ by The Black Hood my 2nd album cover art

‘Kuji-kiri Beat Tape’ by The Black Hood the second album art that I did as you see I got the sizing right this time. This might’ve been my second album art but my first time doing a instrumental album and I really wanted the cover to stand out and grab your attention. As in the
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Fire Giant “Saucer Men” album art

This was the first album cover that I did, it was a big accomplishment for me growing up listening to hip-hop music. I really didn’t know what I was doing was a few years after our school and kinda forgot some stuff. I think that’s why I really like this one so much because I
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The harpy

  this was the first of the story time paintings (writing a story to compliment the art its about sketch to finished product) Doing some more monster (nephilim) paintings (fu**yea!) And just like any good journey it has to start somewhere.. Those first steps or in my case blue line are critical..So dive in and
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