Artvlog Superman vs Broly

11×17 Bristol board Update!💪🙌💪”what Kakkarot can’t do Broly makes light work!… Man of steal…more like the man of tin!” Muhahahhaha😂😂😂😂😂😉 This is a little joke about that whole goku vs Superman thing. This will be my next art video project soon as I get a few minutes! Affiliate links for the products I used in
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Artvlog! Shijima’s claw (throwback thursday) (ninjascroll)

This is a throw back of one of my favorite anime ever! Ninjas scroll! One of the first anime I was introduced to and I was in love with anime ever since! If you have never seen Ninja scroll you have to check it out! I was really intrigued with the bad guys in the movie,
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artvlog blank comic cover Power Rangers

Getting back to cataloging my journey as an Artist so this is the first in many! Just warming up showing how to draw on a blank variant comic book cover…This was actually my first time trying this… Hope it turns out well! Part2 will be up soon! This Power Rangers blank cover will be on
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Coward the knight (childens book? pre teen?)

Coward the knight a children’s book, I’m working on trying to do a page ever weekday until it’s done. Let my editor fix it lol

Pancakes&Booze paintings for submision

Here are some paintings I have been working on for the Pancakes&booze art show! The paintings will be updated up until the show starts I don’t know which ones i will actually put in he show so  impute is welcome! catch u next update!

The young hunter Cupid

The young hunter Cupid aka Nimrod aka Ba-al .. the rabbit hole goes deep maybe if you knew what Valentines day was truly about those chocolates might not taste as sweet…even the day of lovers is truly a day of devils…

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